Why all the buzz about pollinators? Besides the hard-working honeybee, Boulder is home to more than 550 native bee species, from large beautiful bumblebees to small, ground-nesting bees. All over the world, bees and other insects, such as flies, beetles and butterflies, and animals including hummingbirds and bats, pollinate fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, spices, chocolate and coffee! Pollinators also provide essential services and environmental benefits that maintain the health and beauty of our grasslands, forests, meadows, and other natural areas. Sadly, pollinators are declining, which places our food security and natural environment in peril. During the autumn as we enjoy the bountiful harvest and the natural areas around us filled with seed-laden wildflowers, people throughout Boulder come together for Pollinator Appreciation Month to celebrate our precious pollinators. Join your friends and neighbors for events throughout the month to learn more about these fascinating creatures and what you can to do help protect them.

Please consider attending the first Honey Bee Hootenanny in Boulder. People and Pollinators Action Network is an amazing non-profit organization that provides education and hands on solutions to promote pollinator health in our state. This group works closely with the public as well as with local and state officials to provide a healthier environment for ourselves and pollinators. We really enjoy being part of this organization and encourage you to buy a ticket or make a donation.
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